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6 November 2017
 November 6, 2017

RFOptic’s Programmable RFoF Solutions Intro

RFOptic’s Programmable RF Over Fiber solutions introduced. The modules have embedded LNA (Low Noise Amplifier) and Attenuators. Through the GUI the user can turn […]

13 September 2017
 September 13, 2017
Standard RF Over Fiber (RFoF) Link

A Major U.S. Research Laboratory Tests Successfully RFOptic’s Programmable RFoF Solution

TEL-AVIV, ISRAEL (PRWEB) SEPTEMBER 05, 2017 A major U.S. Research Laboratory has concluded the testing of RFOptic’s programmable 6 GHz RFoF solution successfully. The tests […]

4 June 2017
 June 4, 2017

RFOptic MultiLink RFoF Solutions Intro

RFOptic’s multi-link solution comprises of up to 4 links. The 1RU enclosure can hold up to 4 Tx or Rx modules. All modules can […]

11 May 2017
 May 11, 2017
Standard RF Over Fiber (RFoF) Link

RFOptic Announces 100th Deployment of Its Programmable RF Over Fiber (RFoF) Link

SUMMIT, NJ (PRWEB) MAY 09, 2017 Since its availability in early 2017 RFOptic’s new programmable RFoF links have been a huge hit. Users, in […]

17 December 2016
 December 17, 2016

RFOptic’s 18 GHz RFoF Bi-directional Link Setup

This video shows how to connect to each other outdoor radial connectors that are on the tactical fiber and the IP-65 RFoF Box. This […]

17 December 2016
 December 17, 2016
Reinforced shipping box for Optical Delay Line

Reinforced shipping box

Our ODL solutions are shipped in special reinforced portable boxes to protect them during shipment. When needed these boxes enable you store the units […]

14 December 2016
 December 14, 2016
Satellite 2017

Satellite 2017, March 6-9, in Washington DC

SummitCSC and its partner RFOptic are attending Satellite 2017, March 6-9, in Washington DC. Contact us to schedule a demo of our RFoF and […]