We work with a large variety of companies which include Disney, FAA, Exelis, ITT, DoD, Navy, NASA, Goodyear, ATT, CBC, Consulting Companies and VARs. Below are quotes from some of our customers:

The level of service and responsiveness is evidenced by the completion of our project. In fact, what we thought would be the largest obstacle, the utilization and acquisition of a RFoF unit, turned out to be a non-issue. In addition, the insight on obtaining the pads that we would need for our application saved us the time of acquiring them after the fact. Lastly, in finishing our task and making contact with you regarding the power supply difference providing of new power supplies in such short order allowed us to complete our endeavor in a timely fashion and professional manner.

Frank Unpingco, RF COMM Engineer, NASA White Sands Complex, ITT Exelis/IS

We will be using your RF over Fiber modules in our new MMRT (Multi Microwave Radio Telescope). Summit’s units were physically a better fit and price wise, within our budget. Omer responded to our inquiry and sent data sheets and a quote. In addition, Omer offered evaluation units. The units performed exceptionally well.

Jeffrey M. Lichtman, Veteran/Owner-Founder, Radio Astronomy Supplies

This is very typical data for this dish pointing and I saw no ill effects on the data with (Summit’s RFoF units) installed. They performed very well with far less power consumption than listed in the data sheet. I will recommend your units for any customers who are faced with a long- haul situation between the dish and observation area.

Carl Lyster, Radio Astronomy Supplies

We finally got the lab set up and were able to use the new ODL. I am happy to say it has exceeded expectations.  I placed a variable attenuator in front of it and by adjusting the attenuation am able to generate multiple or single reflection rings. These have proven very versatile in testing more aspects of the radar than we had originally planned. Thanks for all your help with this successful project.

Large Defense Contractor