Multi Channel RFoF Applications

GPS Over Fiber Distribution

GPS signal provides timing to mission critical systems. To bring GPS signal inside a building a GPF over Fiber link is required. GPSoF link comprises of one Tx and one Rx modules. The Tx module converts the GPS signal into optical signal which travels through a single mode fiber cable to the Rx module where it is converted back to the GPS signal. GPS antennas are active and typically require +5 VDC which is provided through the GPS receiver that is connected to the antenna with a coax cable. However, when the coax cable is replaced with a fiber solution, that feed disappears. That is why RFOptic’s Tx module provides the required +5 VDC through the SMA connector to the GPS antenna

In many applications even though there might be only one GPS antenna outside of the building, several systems may require GPS timing signal. RFOptic offers various 1:N deployment topographies based on customer requirements.

Scenario 1

When multiple GPS signals are required within close proximity, RFOptic Rx Chassis which provides up to 8 GPS signals is used. See below a sample deployment configuration

Scenario 2

If multiple GPS signals are required at different locations of a building, a splitter by the building entrance can provide up to 16 optical outputs that can be converted back to GPS signals at desired locations

Multi channel RF Over Fiber Transport

One RFoF link comprises of one Tx and Rx modules. The RF signal is converted into an optical signal which is then transported through a single mode fiber to the Rx module where it is converted back to a RF signal. RFOptic provides unidirectional and bidirectional RFoF links.

RFOptic also offers multi-channel solutions when multiple RF signals need to be backhauled from one location to another location. RFOptic’s chassis, ODU and standalone modules can be used to form numerous multi-channel RFoF layouts to achieve various deployment requirements.

Below is a sample deployment of 4 bidirectional RFoF links


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