Optical Delay Line

The Optical Delay Line (ODL) provides true time delay of wideband RF signals using a low loss optical fiber. The Input RF signal is converted to an optical signal, delayed by one or more single-mode optical fiber sections and is converted back into RF signal at the output. From the perspective of the RF signal, the ODL looks like a long distance wideband RF link with minimum loss and distortion. In its simplest form the ODL system has only one fixed delay section which is always engaged. A progressive ODL has an optical switching arrangement that is capable of cascading a number of fiber sections to deliver a range of many discrete delays.

Based on customer’s requirements we offer various ODL models

  • Single Delay Line
  • Multi Delay Line
  • Variable Delay Line
  • Multi Path Delay Line
  • Biderectional Delay Line

Each model can be configured to include one or more of the following features

  • Bandwidth up to 40GHz
  • Delays from 1 nanosec up to 1,000 microsec (1 milisec)
  • Up to 4,096 delay states using up to 12 delay sections
  • Optical Amplification for long delays
  • Dispersion Compensation as required
  • Unity Gain
  • AGC (Automatic Gain Control) for constant gain
  • Low Noise Figure
  • Bypass
  • Digital attenuator
  • Local and Remote Control

Low frequency Optical Delay Line

  • Up to 6Ghz
  • Up to 1,000 microsec delay
  • Up to 4,096 delay states

High Frequency Optical Delay Line

  • Up to 40Ghz
  • Up to 500 microsec delay
  • Up to 4,096 delay states


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Optical Delay Line solutions are used for testing and calibrating:

  • Remote antenna & Radar calibration
  • Electronic warfare and defense applications
  • Telecommunications testing and simulating channel delay
  • Radar for the automotive industry