We pride ourselves in providing customized end-to-end solutions based on your requirements.

Our engineers work with you to better understand your needs and prepare a solution based on the required optical and RF link budgets.

Our fiber spools and splitter solutions complement our industry leading RFoF Solutions.

Delay Spools

Our Fiber Delay Line spools are designed for customers who want to create their own Optical delay Line Solutions.

Our spools provide very accurate (<1%) delay lines that are needed for radar calibration and other applications.

We have a variety of delay line spools ranging from a fraction of a microsecond to 500 microseconds.

Connectors can be FC/APC, SC, LC.

Short Spools (Up to 20 microsec)

Medium Length Spools (Up to 100 microsec) spool with and without carry case

Long Rack Mountable Spools (up to 300 microsec and longer)

Fiber Reels

We provide a variety of fiber cables to connect Tx and Rx modules in RF Over Fiber Solutions.

Indoor, outdoor and tactical fiber cables that can have one or multiple fibers and customized connectors.

They are shipped in a wooden reel for one time deployments or in a metal reel with crank shaft for repeat deployments.

Optical Splitters

We offer passive and active splitters.

1:2, 1:3, 1:4 passive filters are used when the optical signal has to be split several ways to connect multiple Rx units to one Tx unit.

Active splitters are needed to compensate the splitter loss as well as the loss that may stem from existing patch panels.

Active filters may also be used when the RF input power is low and the fiber length is long.